After you have checked-in upstairs, please make sure to not leave the premises so you don’t miss your bus. Once we have checked in enough to fill a bus, we will make an announcement to head to the back door of the Brat House and a staff member will direct you to your assigned bus.  

There is a high chance your bus will be full and there might not be an empty seat next to you.  We kindly ask that you stow your belongings in the overhead compartment once you board on the bus to allow room for patrons to board quickly and find seats. Please also make sure you’re whole group is present at check-in and during bus boarding if you want to ride and sit with a specific group.


Each bus is assigned a chaperone for the duration of your trip. The bus you get on and the chaperone you are assigned will be the same on the way there and back. They will give you information on your drop-off and pick-up location, inform you on additional information pertaining to the tailgate, and help direct you onto your bus after the game ends. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask your chaperone for assistance.


Can I bring drinks on the bus?

Yes! You can bring drinks from the Wanaki bar (just make sure they are in plastic cups or a can) and you are allowed to bring your own coolers or alcoholic bottled/beverages that you brought with you as well.

Are drinks provided on the bus?

Yes! We will have coolers on the bus with water, canned beers, and hard seltzers. During your time on the bus there and back, will have access to all-you-can-drink cooler beverages.

Is there a bathroom on the bus?

Yes! All of our coach buses are equipped with a private bathroom for a non-stop trip to and from Green Bay.

I only bought a round-trip ride, what's included?

You will receive a lanyard for your round-trip bus ride. Your bus pass includes all you can drink on the bus there and back, but you will not receive a tailgate party wristband.

Is there any food provided?

For those of you who purchased our VIP bus ride + tailgate ticket package, you will have access to an all-you-can eat tailgate spread once you arrive in Green Bay. For those that want to eat something before getting to Green Bay, please feel free to bring a snack on board the bus with you.


Can I have some information on the tailgate party?

We have partnered with The Bar – Holmgren Way in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Once you get to The Bar, you will check-in by showing a staff member your wristband. This will grant you VIP access to an all you can drink full service bar and an all you can eat tailgate spread. At The Bar, there will also be private restrooms and a DJ.

What is the address of The Bar - Holmgren Way?

2001 Holmgren Way, Green Bay, WI 54304

Can I buy a tailgate party wristband in Green Bay?

Of Course! People can pre-book a tailgate wristband with us or you can buy a tailgate wristband at The Bar – Holmgren way upon arrival.

What happens if I have a tailgate only wristband?

If you are a customer that bought just the tailgate only pass, please go to The Bar-Holmgren Way in Green Bay (2001 Holmgren Way, Green Bay, WI 54304) and there will be a check-in desk where a worker will give you your tailgate wristband.


What do I do with my belongings?

For those of you who have extra belongings you don’t want to bring into the game, you are welcome to leave them on the bus. Once the bus parks, the bus will be locked until the bottom of the 4th quarter.

Where does the bus pick up and drop off?

The bus will drop you off in a bus parking lot behind The Bar – Holmgren way (2001 Holmgren Way, Green Bay WI 54304). This bus will stay in this parking lot for the duration of your time in Green Bay. Where you are dropped off is the same location where you will be picked up. For those who are nervous about finding the bus after the game concludes, we suggest 
dropping a pin in the maps app on your phone.

When does the bus leave Green Bay?

Your chaperone will start checking people onto your assigned bus during the 4th quarter, but you have 45 minutes after the game ends to head back to your bus. The bus you ride to the game is the same bus you ride back. If all passengers are back before the 45 minutes have elapsed, you will hit the road sooner. For those that have opted in for our texting service, we will send you a courtesy message to head back to your bus. 


How do I tip?

If you liked the driver and/or your chaperone, feel free to tip them cash after you have arrived back in Milwaukee!

How often do you have coach bus rides?

We offer VIP coach bus rides for every Packers home game. Our sister location, Milwaukee Brat House – Downtown will do VIP shuttles for Alpine Valley Concerts.dropping a pin in the maps app on your phone.

What are your other shuttle services?

Our sister locations (see below) offer free shuttles for all Brewers home games, Summerfest, State Fair, and other select Milwaukee based events. Along with that, WurstBar and Milwaukee Brat House – Shorewood offer free shuttle rides to all Bucks home games and certain Marquette games. In addition to our free shuttle service, we offer private charter rentals on our luxury limousine buses.



Hosting the official tailgate party on April 2nd at American Family Field. Tickets will go on sale soon.


Hosting the official tailgate party on April 12th & 13th at American Family Field. Tickets will go on sale soon.


Hosting the official tailgate party on June 22nd at American Family Field. Tickets will go on sale soon.


The Milwaukee Brat House – Downtown will have all you can drink VIP coach buses going to Alpine Valley for the concert on August 10th.


The Milwaukee Brat House – Downtown will have all you can drink VIP coach buses going to Alpine Valley for the concert on August 17th.


Hosting the official tailgate party on August 24th at American Family Field. Tickets will go on sale soon.