Looking to play in a weekend simulator tournament? Wanaki golf course will be hosting three different scramble tournaments throughout the winter. For $80/team, enter into our 9-hole two person simulator scramble and get one drink ticket per-person, a 9-hole round of golf on our industry leading Foresight GC Hawk simulators, and the chance to win  prizes! Sign-up today by emailing wanakigolf@gmail.com or calling our pro-shop at (262) 252-3480. We have limited spots available per-tournament so make sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible. 




How does the tournament work?

Each group will make a Tee Time online (www.golfwanaki.com) or by phone (262-252-3480). Your tee time will be for an hour and fifteen minutes. 

The day of your reservation, you will check in with a proshop staff member and they will set you up on our simulators.

After you finish your round, notify a  staff member so they can record your score. Please notify us as soon as you are done with your 9 hole round. 

All players will get the chance to putt once. If the putt is made, you will move onto the next hole. If the putt is missed, you will receive the average stroke total from that spot based on the PGA tour average.

For example, The average tour player makes 50% of their 8 footers. Therefore, GC Hawk adds 1.5 putts to your score if you are 8 feet away. 

Because the system uses decimal points when adding putts, your score may end in a decimal point. The decimal system is used for breaking tiebreakers. 


Scoring will be in a scramble format. This means, you will play the ball with whatever teammate hits the better shot throughout the whole hole. You will do this for all shots played during a 9-hole duration.


Since teams can play on a Saturday or Sunday, prizes will be awarded after the weekend is over and announced on Monday Morning.

Payouts be in the form of customer credit or Bucks tickets. Each player will receive a customer profile at Wanaki Golf Course. If you win customer credit, the credit will end up on your profile. This credit can be used at anytime for simulator times, outdoor golf, or food/beverage at The Turn Bar and Grill. Just ask any Wanaki staff member when you’d like to redeem your credit and they will take care of it!

All prize pools/winnings are determined after the sign-up date.

  • Clubs and shoes must be cleaned before playing on the simulator
  • No mulligans will be given unless there is a system error
  • All league rounds need to be verified with an employee before submission
  • If there is ever a tie, we will do a scorecard playoff