Play golf this winter with 2-person teams on our indoor simulators in a handicapped, net-total, winter league. League starts in the middle of November and playoffs start in March. League will consist of 3 weeks of qualifying rounds, 12 weeks of regular season play, and minimum 2 weeks of playoffs. Each player records their own 9-hole score anytime during the week with their partner. Store credit prizes will be distributed weekly, at the end of the season, and at the conclusion of the Playoffs in each division. Sign-up today in-person, over the phone, or online!


Book your weekly league play tee-time(s) by calling, reserving in-person, or reserving online. Upon registration, specify your preferred weekly day and time you’d like to play each week so we can try to accommodate the times you are available to play.


Click on the link below to fill out our registration form and pay or registration fee. Once your application is received you will receive an email confirmation.

You will have the option of either paying online, paying through the Wanaki Pro Shop by phone (262-252-3480), or in-person.
You may pay your League entry fees via, cash, credit card, or check. You will not be able to use your “in-house customer credit” to pay 2023-24 League Entry Fees.
You may use any remaining “in-house customer credit” to pay for greens fees, simulator greens fees, merchandise, or food and beverage. Any questions should be directed to


The registration fee for the league is $60 per person which will go toward store credit prizes that can be used for rounds of golf, in the pro shop, or at our bar/restaurant called The Turn. The weekly fee per team is $40 to complete the assigned weekly course.


When Does League start?

The league will begin the week of November 13th. There will be 3 weeks of qualifying, 12 weeks of regular season play (starting December 4th), and up to 4 weeks of playoffs (a minimum of 2 weeks of playoffs).  We add in an extra week as we allow people to take the last week of December off for Holidays, travel, and the New Year.  

How does the League work?

Each group will make a Tee Time online ( or by phone (262-252-3480). Your tee time will be for an hour and fifteen minutes. If you plan to play two weeks at a time it will be beneficial to make 2 tee times back to back. 

Once your tee time is made you will sign up and check in with the proshop staff. The proshop staff will set up the simulator for the correct course, tee box, and settings. We will then activate practice mode which allows your team to hit warm up shots on the course. Once you are warm, you will click “exit practice” and your round will begin.  

After finishing your round, notify pro shop staff so we can record your score. We ask you to notify us as soon as you are done with each 9 hole round so we can ensure you are playing the correct course and holes each time you come out. 

Wanaki Winter league has two person teams. You pick your own partner and can join as many teams as you would like. Every week your team will reserve an hour and fifteen minute slot. You will have a few minutes of warm up and about an hour to play your 9 holes. The Foresight GC Hawk Simulator will be set up with automatic putting allowing you to get 9 holes done in your hour and fifteen minutes. 

The automatic putting is a little different than some simulators. When your ball is on the green you will receive the average stroke total from that spot from the PGA Tour. The average tour player makes 50% of his 8 footers. Therefore, GC Hawk adds 1.5 putts to your score once you are 8 feet away. PGA Players make 99.9% of their putts from 1 foot, so they will add 1 stroke if you are one foot away. Because the system uses decimal points when adding putts your score will finish with a decimal like 36.4. The decimal system is used for the handicapping and your score. This works out in the advantage that there are very few ties. 




The first three weeks of the league will be the handicapping weeks. We will determine your handicap based on your average score versus a course par of 36. If you shoot a 40.3 your handicap will be 4.3 (40.3- 36= 4.3). Based on your handicap we will be breaking the teams up into divisions. The total divisions will be based on how many teams sign up. 

How do you win money?

Every week we will pay out each division for the low team and individual total. We will also pay out the season-long race for best average net score (Net score will subtract your handicap from your actual score so everyone has a chance to win!). 



All teams will compete in the first round of playoffs after the regular season has concluded. During the regular season, all teams will play for seeding in the playoffs.

Playoff courses will be randomly selected and teams will play head-to-head.

After seedings are determined, we will create a bracket playoff in each division. The playoffs will be double elimination so every team is guaranteed to play two rounds of playoffs. The playoff winner, runner up, consolation winner, and consolation runner up will receive winnings. 


Prizes will be awarded weekly per division for the following:

  • End of Season leaders in each division (Top three pay out)
  • Playoff winners in each division
  • Consolation playoff winners in each division
  • We will also pay out the top three teams in all divisions for the best net scores. 


    Payouts will take place on customer credit. Each player will receive a customer profile at Wanaki. When you win, the credit will end up on your profile. This credit can be used for simulator time, outdoor golf, or food and drinks at The Turn Bar and Grill, or Pro Shop merchandise. Just ask any Wanaki staff member to use your credit and they will take care of it! 

All prize pools/winnings are determined after the sign-up date. All teams will get weekly email updates to show team standings, weekly prize winners, and current placement for the playoffs.

  • Clubs and shoes must be cleaned before playing on the simulator
  • No mulligans will be given unless there is a system error
  • All league rounds need to be verified with an employee before submission
  • If there is ever a tie for weekly winners, end of the season winners, or playoffs, we will do a scorecard playoff