Wanaki 2022 Rates


Juniors Play for $5
Become a member of the Nationally recognized “Youth On Course” golf organization.


Valid at Wanaki Monday-Friday after 6:00 p.m. and Saturday/Sunday after 3:00 p.m.

Rates for Wanaki Golf Course – Menomonee Falls, WI

Spring Rates:
Opening – May
 Regular RateSenior/JuniorVeteran  
Daily 18 Holes$30.00$23.50$23.50
Daily 9 Holes$17.50$15.00$15.00
Summer Rates:
May - August
 Regular RatesSenior/JuniorVeteran  
Monday – Friday 18 Holes$33.00$26.00$26.00
Monday – Friday 9 Holes$21.00$1650$16.50
Weekends & Holidays18 Holes$37.00$37.00$37.00
Weekends & Holidays9 Holes$22.50$22.50$22.50
Fall Rates:
September 8 – October 9
Monday – Friday 18 Holes$30.00$23.50$23.50
Monday – Friday 9 Holes$17.50$17.50$15.00
Weekends & Holidays18 Holes$33.00$33.00$33.00
Weekends & Holidays9 Holes$21.00$21.00$21.00
End of Season Rates:
October 10 – Close
Daily 18 Holes$30.00$23.50$23.50
Daily 9 Holes$17.50$15.00$15.00
Special Rates RegularSenior/JuniorVeteran 
Early Bird:
Early Bird (Mon-Fri before 8 a.m.)18 Holes$26.00$26.00$26.00
Early Bird (Mon-Fri before 8 a.m.)9 Holes$16.50$16.50$16.50
Twilight (Sat-Sun after 2 p.m.)18 Holes$27.00$27.00$27.00
Twilight (Mon-Fri after 6 p.m. and Sat-Sun after 4 p.m.)9 Holes$17.00$14.50$14.50
Golf Carts 18 Holes9 Holes
Golf Carts (per player)$17.00$10.00
Early Bird Golf Carts (per player)$13.00$10.00
Push Carts (per player)$6.00$3.50


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